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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Battlefield 3 Wholesale

Last Friday, Electronic Arts (EA) released massively expected Battlefield 3, a first person shooter, which is utilizing the best technology in modern gaming development for delivering the best gaming experience through top of the industry graphics, control, script, multiplayer ability, and hundreds of innovations in game development. To name just a few:

Frostbite 2 is EA's developed game development technology that allows to picture animation, destruction, lighting, and other visual and audio components of the game with a mind blowing realism, allowing a new incredibly high level of emotional involvement for players.

Vehicle Warfare, the game includes significant use of warfare equipment, including military vehicles, tanks, fighter jets, etc, and all these is accompanied with high quality audio and visual, with mighty explosions, jet blowing, sonic booms, etc. The players need to have really good A/V equipment though, and it is definitely worth it.

Feel the Battle, the game includes realistic feeling of the impact, the bullets, explosions, even direct martial fight with enemy soldiers, kicking and punching when necessary, dragging your wounded mates to safety etc. The game will keep players breathlessly attentive for many hours guaranteed.

Battlefield 3 has normal and limited editions. The limited edition was not easy to obtain during the pre-order period and was mainly intended by the publishers for selected retail chains, such as Amazon, Tesco, etc. It features digital expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand at no extra charge. The mutiplayer pack also includes four classic maps from Battlefield 2.

The game sold extremely well, many traders had to re-order more quantities few times even in pre-order period. Battlefield's main competitor Call of Duty franchise is up for release in less than two weeks with its Modern Warfare 3 game, and as usually, for many gamers with tight budget the question is whether they would be able to afford buying both games. Still Battlefield sold very well and even on pre-orders has bitten records. The release weekend co-incided with the Halloween weekend this year which may have kept a number of gamers busy attending Halloween parties. Though realistically probably the opposite, the game has kept them busy and affected the number of gamers who attended real life events this weekend.

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  1. Very good game this, I've sold it a lot. Cheers EA. :-)