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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Borderlands 2 Wholesale

Platform: PS3, X360, and PC
Edition: Standard and collectors
Release Date in the UK: 21 September 2012
Available for pre-orders

Retails prices at selected stores:

Price GBP
Tesco Entertainment
Sainsbury's Entertainment
Potential for Wholesale Trade: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.  

 This item can be pre-ordered from many distributors. Please contact us for getting more information regarding the prices and contacts of distributors for ordering wholesale quantities in your country. 

The blending of the First Person Shooter and Role Playing Game has been even further refined in Borderlands 2, the next step in evolution for the Role Playing Shooter. Gear up with three other players for a four player online experience. Or you can get in touch with your younger gaming days with a two player split-screen approach. Four new character classes can be chosen in your adventure through Pandora. Arm yourself with an incredible array of weapons and artifacts as you fight alongside newly discovered allies in a long tale of revenge and redemption.
New Classes: Try out the new Gunzerker class. The incredibly deadly skills of this warrior allow him to dual wield any weapons found in game, leading to an incredibly brutal yet entertaining fighting style that can be built upon however you choose.
Online Co-op, Split Screen and LAN: Playing with friends has never been easier with so many options. Play online with friends anywhere, LAN it up in your dorm room or choose some old-school fun with split screen.
New Gun System: There are a truly staggering variety of guns in Borderlands 2 with tons of new ways to take down enemies. Fight off the Hyperion Corporation's forces with electricity, fire, and pretty much anything else you could possible think of.
More Loot: Not only are there millions of choices is weapons, but there are millions of new loot. Look for shields, alien artifacts, mods for classes and more.
New Environments: Pandora is an unpredictable world full of brand new areas to explore. From your starting point in the arctic you'll find yourself visiting mysterious caves, treacherous grasslands and more.
New Enemies: You'll have to think up a new strategies with every fight to face off against some brand new enemies that aid each other during battle. Take down the Bullymonngs, Stalkers and the mechanical army of the Hyperion Corporation. 

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