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Monday, 26 November 2012

Wholesale Nintendo Wii U is Sold Out

Platforms: Nintendo Wii-U
Edition: 8GB Basic Pack, 32Gb Premium Pack, and 32GB ZombiU Premium Pack
PEGI: Age 7 and over
Potential for Wholesale Trade: 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.

Retailers have informed that they have already sold out the long-expected Wii U console, a week before the release date. Nintendo is working hard to supply more stock so that retailers can sell even more during the pre-Christmas sale boost, but it seems that many retailers, especially small, will not be able to satisfy demand for the new console system. Amazon still takes pre-orders as of 26 November, offering 8GB Basic Pack, 32Gb Premium Pack, and 32GB ZombiU Premium Pack. Additional demand is pushed by news that Nintendo has confirmed Wii U's TVii service in Europe.

There is currently huge potential for wholesale trade of this item. Wholesalers need to be quick though because once more stock arrives after the release, the demand may drop significantly as it was case with 3DS consoles. At this point, all the stock you can get will sell instantly. Be careful with the restock though several weeks after the release, the drop of demand may be sudden and steep.

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