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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Where to Buy Wholesale Video Games?

There is plenty of places where a video game trader can buy their stock. These fall into a few major categories:

1. Wholesalers and distributors
2. Other retailers
3. Publishers

1. Wholesalers and Distributors
This is the most common type of suppliers for wholesale video games. Wholesalers and distributors may vary significantly in size and the way they do business. Prices that they offer vary too, the best ones are not necessarily the cheapest ones. Some other characteristics of suppliers, such as their reliability, the product range that they offer, the shipping and delivery speed do obviously also matter. As in every other case in our life, it is better to stay away from those offers that to good to be true. In other words, we need to assess suppliers by a number of their characteristics, and not only by their prices. A more detailed discussion on how to buy from wholesalers and distributors is in our special guide.

2. Other retailers.
This is an interesting category, often underestimated by many traders. Many retailers sometime would like to get rid of their certain stock. This may be because of various reasons, for example certain stock has been sitting for too long and does not sell quickly, and the retailer needs to clear a space in its warehouse for newer stock. They would like to clear or liquidate some stock. In such cases, retailers often announce sales campaigns for customers. However few traders know that they would also consider offering the same stock to other retailers or wholesalers, rather than to end users, s they can buy all the liquidation stock at once. In such manner sometimes it is possible to get very good deals. Keep an eye on sales campaigns announced by other retailers, if you find something interesting, call them and make an offer, there is chance to get a good deal.

3. Publishers.
This category is less likely for small retailers, as publishers tend to sell directly only to large retailers, distributors and wholesalers. For buying from publishers it is necessary to have account with them. Publishers mostly sell their new releases and reprints. They sell directly to large retailers, and smaller retailers have to buy their titles through distributors. Opportunities may exist for some older and less demanded titles, that publishers may give away to smaller retailer. Top, triple-A publishers are usually tough to get access to, but smaller less known publishers may be much more flexible. A smart retailer may find opportunities in buying less known titles from such publishers and selling for good margin.

Buying is creative process. Smart trader is in constant search for good supplier. Even those who have been in business for long time and have managed to obtain a good group of suppliers, still look for more options. Some even made this their routine, they devote some time during a day, every day, to look for more suppliers. We will continue the series of articles with useful tips on this process.

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